Oct 29

TTI Partners completed delivery of six TACTICS Dynamic to VETH Automotive

Duiven – TTI Partners has delivered six TACTICS Dynamic to VETH Automotive, intended for the Provence of Gelderland. The traffic information systems needs to contribute to a safe work environment for traffic inspectors and extend the road safety. The TACTIC Dynamic, a Dynamic Route Information Panel (DRIP) from TTI…
May 11

TTI Partners BV introduces their second product: the TACTIC Smart.

Duiven – a traffic information system which is applicable on every vehicle. This Variable Message System improves communication between vehicle and road user. The second product of TTI Partners makes road safety accessible for everyone.  The TACTIC Smart is a reliable choice for a high quality Dynamic Route Information…
Mar 26

TTI Partners BV announces TAMLANS OY as distributor

Duiven – at the 15th of March TTI Partners and Tamlans OY congreed on a distributor agreement. TTI Partners is taking an important step towards worldwide roadsafety. TTI Partners BV from Duiven, the Netherlands, is at the forefront of roadsafety with their own developped product ‘’TACTIC’’. The TACTIC is…
Jun 26
Jun 05
Jun 04