May 11

TTI Partners BV introduces their second product: the TACTIC Smart.

Duiven – a traffic information system which is applicable on every vehicle. This Variable Message System improves communication between vehicle and road user. The second product of TTI Partners makes road safety accessible for everyone. 

The TACTIC Smart is a reliable choice for a high quality Dynamic Route Information Panel. Because of the last generation Led-Display, the system is able to send messages fast and clear. The light weight system, made of RVS and Aluminium, gives the product vehicle independency. Due to the quality parts the system has a long life time and a low maintenance level. The traffic information system is tested extensively regarding all European laws and regulations and meets the prevailing NEN-EN12966 norm.

Because of the multifunctionality of the system, the TACTIC Smart is employable for multiple goals in multiple branches. From informing road users to promotion tool during events. The product can be used with functional display up to 130 km/h because of the high quality parts. The system is usable by a pre-programmed touchscreen into any vehicle.

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