In the event of a changed traffic situation, it is of the utmost importance that road users are informed in a timely and accurate manner; TACTIC products are the preferred means of providing this traffic information. The choice of different TACTIC products depends on usage and wishes.

The sooner, clearer and better the information a road user receives, the fewer accidents will occur.

Emergency Services

Within the emergency services, the police, fire brigade and ambulance are the three groups who are most confronted with an emergency and changing traffic situations. There is an emergency and the TACTIC Dynamic brings exactly what is needed in this situation; safety, visibility and clarity.

In addition, with the use of the Fend-off position, a safe space can, for example, be created for emergency responders in the event of an accident. When using the Fend-off position in combination with the TACTIC Dynamic, the other following road users are immediately informed in images and text about the current situation.

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Road authorities

In some countries, a road authority is responsible for dealing with an accident, work on the road or dangerous situations that arise from all kinds of causes. The various TACTIC products play an important role in creating safety, in which road users are informed with our traffic information system.

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Roadwork and landscaping companies

In addition to emergency services and road authorities, we see that the TACTIC products are popular with companies that are responsible for road work and landscaping along roads. The safety of road users and employees is increased by using a TACTIC product.

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Transport- and Traffic Guidance

With the legislation concerning transport escorts changing on 1 July 2020 in the Netherlands, TTI Partners sees a demand for a means that can contribute to the activities of transport and traffic escorts. The TACTIC products are ideal for this.
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TACTIC products also ideal for use on airports

With TACTIC Airport, TTI Partners shows that we also have great added value at and around airports. All our TACTIC products can be used for Airport activities. Our systems are extremely suitable for the well-known ‘Follow me’ vehicles as well as for vehicles that patrol around airports and offer added value.

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