About TTI Partners

After its establishment in 2016, TTI Partners has made a flying start. ‘Van Den Born Carrosserie’ from Waalwijk and “Veth Automotive” from Duiven, two renowned bodywork companies from the Netherlands, have contributed to the energetic start of TTI Partners.

Due to the emergence of questions about safety in changing traffic situations, the development of the TACTIC Dynamic was initiated by TTI Partners’ own development department. After a pilot with Rijkswaterstaat (state-owned company), which was completed satisfactorily, TTI Partners immediately received a large number of orders. After Rijkswaterstaat, the Province of Gelderland and a number of other companies also decided to opt for the TACTIC (see photo).

In recent years to date and after the first domestic successes, interest from abroad has arisen. This was followed in 2018 by several international distributorships for Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Poland and the United Arab Emirates followed in 2019 and Austria joined as a distributor in 2020.

While surging for other partnerships, we are certain that other distributors will follow soon. A complete overview of our distributors can be found on the distributors information page.

TTI Partners has defined some target groups in response to requests and sales that have been made in the past. For example, emergency services, road managers, green managers, transport and transport supervisors and airports can be counted among the customers and target groups. Within the emergency services group, the police of Belgium have embraced the TACTIC and there is also interest from other police forces.

In 2020, TTI Partners will add two new products to the product range in order to serve the domestic and foreign market even better. On our product page you will find more information about the TACTIC models.