Innovative Mobile Traffic Information System

The TACTIC is a mobile, variable traffic information system that consists of an information display combined with integrated optical signalling which enlarges the safety for users of the system and traffic participants.

Optimal and flexible to use, user-friendly, durable and easy maintenance.

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TACTIC in general

Advantages in short:

  • Fend-off position; secure an incident location directly and with one vehicle by rotatable LED display up to 45° left and right;
  • Vehicle independent; can be used on any vehicle;
  • Integrated roof set (strobes) for amber, blue and red;
  • Driving with active screen up to 130 km/h (80mph) possible;
  • Control via touchscreen and wireless tablet;
  • Expansion with various options possible;
  • Maintenance-friendly by using lubrication-free bearings and low-maintenance actuators;
  • Complies with all major European standards; including EN12966.

Product specifications and features

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