TACTIC Dynamic

The TACTIC is a mobile, variable traffic information system that consists of an LED information display combined with modular integrated optical signaling. When information needs to be shared quickly and clearly, the TACTIC Dynamic is a clear choice. Centered around safety, the third-generation LED screen provides optimal visibility with the option to rotate 45° left or right.

The TACTIC Dynamic has several unique product characteristics and functionalities;


Visibility of the LED screen is extremely important

During the development of our mobile traffic information system, the safety of road users and users of the TACTIC was paramount.

Various aspects have been investigated together with the Delft University of Technology to ensure that the TACTIC makes an important contribution to road safety.

Because the LED display uses the latest technologies we ensure more visibility and safety for road users and users of our system. Naturally, the LED display meets the strictest applicable standards.

Very complete as standard

Additional options are available

By combining the LED information display with the optical signaling, the TACTIC has all the functionalities that are required on a traffic assistance vehicle.

The TACTIC is already very complete as standard;

  • Full color LED display;
  • 360 ° amber optical signaling;
  • extensive and “easy to use” control panel;
  • Preset images and scenarios;

There are more options which increase the user-friendliness of the TACTIC;

    • Blue optical signaling for rescuers;
    • LED work lights with a very high light output at night;
    • Traffic Advisor which can be used both standalone and supporting images;
    • Fully integrated 360 ° camera system which can be connected to a recorder or, for example, a traffic control center.

Uniform operating module

Uniform control module

The control of the TACTIC can be done in different ways, via;

      • Fixed touchscreen in the vehicle;
      • Tablet.

Both use specially developed and uniform control software. It can be used with Android operating systems.

The tablet option is connected to the TACTIC via a secure Wi-Fi connection.

With the control application, the TACTIC can be operated from the dashboard in the vehicle, or with a tablet from behind a crash barrier. This makes it extremely safe for the user. There is a choice of pre-programmed symbols and scenarios to quickly switch between images. A high ease of use guaranteed.

The matrix board can display a self-entered text which can be set via an input field in the control application. The application also controls the optical signaling, including flashing lights, Traffic Advisor, grill flashers and sirens, etc.

In addition, scenarios can be set up so that ‘one-push action’ is sufficient to activate a number of actions and images.

Optimum flexible usability

Pick-ups, company cars but the TACTIC can also be placed on passenger cars.

Because the weight of the TACTIC remains within the permitted roof load, there is a possibility of universal positioning on the roof of any vehicle and therefore the TACTIC can be mounted on almost any type of vehicle.

There are substantial advantages compared to a system placed in an open cargo area (pick-up vehicle). The biggest advantage is the weight saving which can be realized. This means;

Better handling of the vehicle;

Easier and faster (re)moval of the information system;

large space saving of approximately 50 centimeters.

Operational speed

Drivable up to 130km/h (80 mph)

The TACTIC is open and functional to operate up to 130 km/h (80 mph), which gives the user of the system the opportunity to inform and warn road users early and while driving. The option exists to make vehicles follow or stop, for this, we have designed special images.

Fend-off position

The information display can be rotated 45° to left and right

The visibility of the third generation LED screen of the TACTIC Dynamic is optimal due to its position on the roof and in combination with the 45° rotation option to the left and right.
Thanks to the rotating information display, the Fend-off position is possible in combination with integrated signaling, making the TACTIC unique. Thanks to this Fend-off position, it is immediately possible to create a safe zone in the event of a dangerous traffic situation.


Aluminum and stainless steel construction

By using high-quality materials, resistant to extreme weather influences; a long service life is guaranteed.

The TACTIC consists of an aluminum and stainless steel construction with a plastic (ABS) cover. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the TACTIC is resistant to extreme weather conditions; the TACTIC has been tested between temperatures of -30° and +50° Celcius. The use of lubrication-free bearings and maintenance-free actuators guarantees a long service life and requires little maintenance on the TACTIC.

Because the service frequency is lower, it is possible to save on maintenance costs compared to other information systems.

Technical information

DRIP* and 360° optical signal in one
Vehicle independent; suitable for any type of vehicle including emergency services
‘Full color’ LED Display 2560pixels, 80 x 32 16mm pitch
EN 12966 classifications: L3, B6, C2, R3, T2, D4, P3, WL9, DSL4, TDB1, TDT2
45° rotation to left and right for a Fend-off position
Control: operated by a mounted touchscreen and buttons in the cabin or via a tablet (wireless Wi-Fi connection)
Ability to apply aerial roof markings
Ability for personal branding
Different text and image options to communicate with pilots
External lights, antennas, sound options, etc. can be integrated
Low energy consumption
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Protocol: Desperanto

*Direct Route Information Panel

TACTIC Airport

The TACTIC Airport, based on the TACTIC Dynamic, is specially designed for use at airports and can be used by the so-called ‘Follow me’, ‘Marshall’ and ‘Security’ vehicles.

By using TACTIC Airport at airports, the ‘Follow me’ vehicles are provided with a considerable upgrade. Communicating with pilots is going to be more comprehensive, clearer and safer. By applying scenarios and different images the pilots can get clearer instructions.

Whatever the message to pilots is, TACTIC Airport can display the text and images in ‘full-color’ and any language.

For Marshall and Security vehicles, different images will be used following their activities on and around airports.

Follow-me 2.0

The TACTIC Airport is a mobile, variable information system that consists of an information display combined with integrated modular optical signaling. The TACTIC Airport has a number of unique product characteristics and functionalities which comply with Aviation Regulations.

Combining two vehicles

Because TACTIC Airport can be run with different images, the TACTIC Airport can combine the functionalities of ‘Security’ and ‘Marshall’ vehicles.

External lights, antennas, sound options, etc. can be integrated. Because of the full-color LED screen, it is possible to have personal branding in each color.

Drivable up to 130km/h (80mph)

The TACTIC Airport can be used open and functional up to 130 km/h (80 mp/h), this gives the user of the system the possibility to communicate with pilots while driving. The option exists to let airplanes and vehicles follow or stop, for this, we have designed special images.