A new innovative mobile traffic information system

The TACTIC is a mobile, variable traffic information system that consists of an information display combined with integrated optical signaling. The TACTIC has a number of unique product characteristics and functionalities, that satisfy all of the current applicable European legislation and regulations. In developing the TACTIC, TTI Partners started from the following key points: safety, optimum flexibility, user-friendliness, functionality and easy maintenance.


Ofcourse the TACTIC user’s safety is of paramount importance. Unfortunately traffic-assistance vehicles are still involved in too many accidents, frequently due to the negligence of fellow road-users and/or poor visibility. The third-generation LED screen provides optimal visibility thanks to the TACTIC’s positioning on the roof in combination with the option to rotate it 45° to left and right. This means it can be parked in the fend-off position! The TACTIC is unique in this sense. With the TACTIC it is possible to immediately create a safe zone for the incident site.

Optimum flexible usability

Thanks to the universal positioning of the TACTIC on the roof, it can be mounted on any type of vehicle. Wether your TACTIC is going to be mounted on a car, van or pick-up, it's all possible! There is also the option of having an under tray to ensure the most secure connection with the vehicle. This under tray provides a minimum air resistance, a lower fuel consumption and a lower dB value.

Uniform operating module

The TACTIC is operated through the specially developed operating application for smartphones and tablets. The TACTIC can also be operated by using buttons inside the cabin. Within the application there is a choice of pre-programmed symbols to switch between images quickly. And additional external users can also be added to the same users module which enables the TACTIC to be operated using just one mobile device. TTI Partners will adapt and install each application to the needs an specifications of the user. The result will be a quick, safe and very easy to use TACTIC.


Through the combination of the information display and optical signaling the TACTIC has all of the functionalities you could want for a traffic assistance vehicle. The TACTIC can be used while driving at speeds of up to 130 km/h. The standard equipment of the TACTIC consists out of a full matrix board en 360° amber optical signaling. It is possible to add various options to the TACTIC, such as; blue optical signaling, alley lights, traffic advisor or an integrated camera.

Maintenance friendly

The TACTIC is made out of an aluminum and stainless steel construction, with a plastic frame. Thanks to the use of high quality materials the TACTIC is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The TACTIC has been tested between minus 30 degrees and plus 55 degress centigrade. The use of grease-free bearings and maintenance-free actuators guarantees durability and the TACTIC needs very little maintenance.

The advantages offered by the TACTIC:

     Suitable for any type of vehicle
     45° rotation to left and right - for fend-off position
     Wireless control using a smart phone or tablet
     Integrated roof unit (flashing lights) for amber and blue
     Able to drive at speeds of up to 130 km/h with an active screen
     Various range of options can be added
     Maintenance friendly thanks to the use of grease-free bearings and maintenance-free actuators

Legal standards:

     NEN EN 12966
     NVN-ENV 12694
     ECE 65
     NEN-EN-ISO 12100
     NEN 1010
     NEN-EN-ISO 11161
     NEN 3384
     NEN-EN 50295
     DIN-ISO 5128

Patent pending